Friday, February 13, 2009


Countdown: 173 days

We now have our plane tickets for the beginning of the trip! I got nonstop one way tickets to Tampa, about $600 total. I was disappointed by the price but am hoping to get a Ding fare sometime in the next couple of months. It's early. In 2007 I was vigilant and got down to $475 (round trip) for the 4 of us!

I also talked to my husband and it looks like we'll be able to use my in-laws car, so we don't have to rent one. But that does mean that we will have to fly home from Tampa instead of Orlando as I planned. No big deal... in fact, that's how we've been doing it for the last bunch of years. Gives us a chance to see my in-laws one more time before we go home (and for the girls to swim in the pool... and for me to go to Rita's...) plus we get to fly out of Tampa Airport, which is much quieter than Orlando.

Can't do much more planning until April when we can start thinking about ADRs. Annette and Beci had asked me what we'd be interested in doing while we're there and I've been dreaming... Victoria and Albert's? Parasailing? We are hoping for at least one adult night out, as friends of Tim's will be there at the same time as us. He'd like to go to the California Grill with them, maybe do Jellyroll's after (my idea). And now it looks like Tim's mom, brother, other brother and family might be there too! I think we'll just end up planning some meals/activities and leaving the rest free so we can be flexible.

Enough rambling... time to go check out some menus on AllEars and dream...