Thursday, April 16, 2009

Countdown: 111 days!

Well, it's getting close to 90 days for us... our August trip is coming!

The news since last post: the dates of the trip now span 2 weeks. We'll be in Tampa for 4 days and Disney for 9 nights, 10 days. We were able to extend the WL package from 5 nights to 7 nights with the "buy 4, get 3" promotion. So 7 nights at the WL concierge followed by 2 nights at AKL.

I emailed Annette and Beci all of our dining wishes today. We have 7 nights on the dining plan now... hoping to put it to good use!

Mon Aug 10: Sci Fi for dinner (I know... the food is not great... but we're going for the theming)
Tues Aug 11: Chef Mickey's for breakfast
Weds Aug 12: Tokyo Dining for dinner
Thurs Aug 13: Cinderella's Royal Table for lunch(for my princess DD4)
Fri Aug 14: California Grill for dinner
Sat Aug 15: Crystal Palace for breakfast, T Rex for dinner (for DD6, the dino lover)
Sun Aug 16: Hoop de doo!!
Mon Aug 17: possible dinner with hubby... not sure, hoping for V&A's or Jiko.
Tues Aug 18: Tusker House for breakfast

Any thoughts or comments on these restaurants? The only ones we've been to recently are Chef Mickey's and Crystal Palace. Everything else is new.

My only concern is that we'll be spending a lot of time at sit-down restaurants. My husband says he'll like it as we get to sit down out of the heat... and we'll have plenty of time to tour the parks as we're staying for 10 days. Our girls are 4 and 6, so food is not a huge priority for them... but the character meals and places like Sci Fi should interest them.

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