Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dining Dreams

After I talked to Beci last week, she said that the next step for her was to look at what rooms were available. Then she'd get in touch with me and tell us our resort! Midweek I got an email from her saying the DCL 2010 cruise dates had been released and the week had been crazier than planned. No big rush for me, although I must admit to being very curious about where we're staying.

So now that I don't have to be writing emails begging people for votes, I've been using the time to think about the trip. Here's a list of the restaurants we're thinking of going to. We'll have 5 table service (and 5 counter service) with the dining plan. The last two days of our 7 nights we won't have the dining plan.

2 Table Service credits (or out-of-pocket):
Hoop De Doo Revue: This is one of Tim's choices and I agree with him. I think the kids will love the show!
Cinderella's Royal Table (breakfast or lunch): This is for Katie, our princess. Plus when else will be able to eat at the castle? :) I can't wait to see her face when she meets Cinderella...

1 Table Service credit:
Chef Mickey's or Tusker House breakfast: Gotta have a meal with the Mouse. We've been to Chef Mickey's a bunch of times, so perhaps we'll do the Tusker House breakfast before park opening one morning.

Le Cellier: Have never been, and hear that I really should. The menu over at allears looks fantastic.
Boma: Did this one last year, MUST go back. Can you say zebra dome?

We will also be going to the new T-Rex restaurant at Downtown Disney. Julie is THE dino girl.
Other options I've thought about... either Tokyo Dining or Teppan Edo, as the only food Tim and I eat when we go out is sushi usually. I'd love to try Jiko but I think Boma is a good compromise price and kid-friendly-wise. And of course any restaurant choices will probably be tied to what resort we're staying at... we're already planning two days at AKL at the end of the trip, thus Boma. If our long stay is at Wilderness Lodge, we'll probably end up at Whispering Canyon sometime.

Only 303 more days until we check in at.... (stay tuned to hear the answer!)

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