Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The prize!

So here's the lowdown:

Five nights at a Disney Deluxe resort -- concierge level!
Six day parkhoppers for 4 people
Dining plan for 4
$1000 AmEx gift card
iPod nano
Digital camera
Disney World Trivia prize pack
complimentary vacation planning with Beci and Annette from MEI/Mousefan Travel
Lots of surprises and extras on the trip!

The only thing Tim and I have figured out is that we're going next August. We tried to find a way to go in February, but the airfare ($2400) is prohibitive. Plus the fact that we'd like to go with Tim's family. Chris, his family, Jay, and his mom all want to go together, and they can't afford February any more than we can.

August also serves two purposes. We can go see Tim's dad in Tampa like usual, then head over to Disney. I hate the fact that the trip is about 310 days away, but it will teach me patience. :)

I have a phone call set up to talk to Beci and Annette on Friday. I can't wait to start planning! If we have choice of any resort, we're thinking Grand Floridian (location, location, and monorail) along with two extra nights at Animal Kingdom Lodge. I'm still intrigued by the Beach Club (and Stormalong Bay) but I'm not wowed by the food options there. Plus we will NEVER be able to afford a monorail resort... so this is our chance!

Let me know what you think... what deluxe would you stay in?


TSchadle said...

Definitely go with the Grand Floridian! It's perfect. Although I really did enjoy my stay at the Polynesian. I don't even know if that one still even EXISTS it's been so long...

Congrats!! The only thing more unbelievable than your win was the fact that 2 out of 3 finalists were Ithaca folk! What the deuce?!?

Good for you guys.

TSchadle said...

Or y'all could stay at the Beet Haven. Whatever. ;)