Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Resort is Chosen!

Picture from our 2007 trip -- our room is the balcony with the white towel

I finally heard from Beci today, and she gave us two choices based on our preferences and the prize budget:

Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge

So.... we chose both! Actually, the free 5 night stay will be at the WL concierge, and we're adding on 2 nights at the Animal Kingdom Lodge ourselves. I am perfectly happy. Sure it would have been nice to be on the monorail, but to be honest I think the Wilderness Lodge has the best theming and a very good location out of all the deluxe resorts. We stayed there for 3 nights in 2007 and just loved it. The parking, theming, restaurants, pool (pool slide!), and did I mention the theming? are just perfect for us.

We are very excited for our first concierge trip... not exactly sure what we're in for, but I'm counting down the days until I walk into the WL lobby and feel like I'm home!! (...yes, I'm actually counting.. it's 292 days....)

If anyone has stayed at Wilderness Lodge (regular or concierge), leave a comment and tell me how you liked it, any secrets, etc!


Lou Mongello - WDWRadio.com said...

I'm SO happy for you and excited to meet you and your family next year!!! Can't wait!!!!!

This is going to be great!!! :)

Epcot Lover said...

Kathy, Read Faline(Linda's) trip reports over at I'Cot, she stayed at Wilderness Lodge concierge back in September/October time frame.