Friday, October 3, 2008

First Planning Session

I talked to Beci Mahnken and Annette Owens from Mousefan Travel today! It was weird hearing both of them on the phone, as I am so used to hearing them on the podcasts (WDW Radio and WDW Today, respectively). It's great knowing that my trip is in the hands of the best, most trusted travel agents around.

We talked a little about my family, what dates we were interested in, and what restaurants we were hoping to go to. Beci also asked me about 'magical moments' that I might have seen or been a part of... I wasn't sure how to answer that one but came up with a couple, like people getting upgrades at resorts, unexpected surprises, and anything that makes my girls smile. I have a feeling this trip is going to be sprinkled with some magic pixie dust... :)

We did get to talking about where we might be staying -- I asked if we had a choice of resort and Beci said, "No, not really." She went on to say that basically there is a certain budget for the trip that they have to work within, plus the availability of the concierge rooms at the deluxe resorts. Annette said we could by all means tell her what our preferences were, but there was no guarantee on anything. So I said 1. Grand Floridian 2. Polynesian 3. Beach Club.

Beci said she would be contacting me at the beginning of the week with some preliminary ideas, and we should have the resort and dates locked in by the end of the week. I'll keep you updated as things come together!

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